How to get in to 199 STUDIO

Studio is located on 199 Avenue T Brooklyn NY 11223

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions by (929) 314-4290 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday.

1. To get in you need to open a gate

2. Enter the code on the lock (you will received it from our manager)

3. Scroll up the gate

4. Close cover and to lock back

Please note that the current code that provided to you by our manager should be aligned as on following example. 

5. Enter the code on the box

6. Press the bottom and pull the door


We provide our clients total freedom of art: they open the place by themselves, stay with models one on one and close the place by themselves, unless other is required. That helps to build trust between model and photographer.

We trust and believe in our clients as long as they respect the following rules:

  • All rented equipment and properties should stay in the same condition after the shooting as it was before.
  • Additional backdrop paper which you use comes with fee $2/foot for the clean seamless paper touching the floor. 
  • Everything you bring with you for shooting, must to be cleaned out when you are leaving the studio.
  • Maximum capacity is 10 person at the same time.
  • Smoking and alcohol in studio is prohibited. Fine for smoking or alcohol inside the studio is $500.
  • If smoking/drinking required by photo shooting/film making, you'll need to obtain permission from manager first.








+1 (929) 314-4290